Treasure hunting with the toddler

Wonderful fun adventuring today 🙂

Arranged some pics on my phone for H. This morning I had him find the things in the pics.


Mr Rabbit


Library books


Back pack

Then we went to SmallTown armed with a picture of the library and he found it 🙂

The library were fine with me breastfeeding R, but less comfortable when I asked for somewhere to change her nappy. Eventually I was allowed into the staff room. It would have been easier if they’d just said no, rather than yes with a number of caveats (we have no bin, there’s nowhere to wash your hands, this is where we eat our lunch…).

Lovely day overall though and I am finally feeling better having had a really rough week trying to look after two children when I just wanted to be in bed, under my covers, with a lemsip.

A bit wordy today – having a couple of ciders to finish the week!


Busy Day

H is at nursery on Mondays. R and I had a busy morning at BigTown swapping some clothes and sorting out some bank accounts. We also went to a Green Grocer that only sold for types of veg. This is false advertising surely?

R had been up most of the night so I was feeling pretty grotty. By the time we arrived home I had come to the realisation that I’m ill, not just tired. So that knocks out a lot of our plans for the week. Pills will get me through tonight and tomorrow. I hope to feel more human by Wednesday!